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2011-08-11 14:40:51 by CrippleTony

Monkey Junk! The only sketch comedy show featuring a badger with a tacky sweater-vest and an orangutan with a top hat.

Yes my biggest project of all, in association with 4103 (Jester) and our production group known as Nut Busters. We don't have a set date for when the first episode will be released but we are ready to start promoting it as obviously I'm doing so now. I'll save the details for later but just know, it'll be funny, trust me.

As for my other flash projects, they are being put on hold until we get enough done with Monkey Junk to warrant a little animation free time.

Until then, cheerio.


Projects on the way

2009-02-27 21:45:35 by CrippleTony

I have two major up-coming projects that will probably be ready and finished around...let's say the summer just to be safe.

One project is hopefully gonna end up being a original sketch comedy series, it'll be a mix of animation and live-action sketches. Me and my co-creator, known here on Newgrounds as 4013, are working hard on the series and we hope it does well.

Speaking of which, 4013 and I are forming a production group called Nut Busters, I'm pretty sure no one here has the same production name, but if so, let me know.

The other project is a game parody and more or less an introduction of my skill at it's near best. It's coming along slow, but nicely and will be released first. Here's a preview picture, i'll my pic do the talking:

Projects on the way

Sound Synching

2009-01-20 10:58:49 by CrippleTony

If anyone can tell me how to properly sync sound with animation, whether it's music or sfx, please PM me, Thanks.