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Projects on the way

2009-02-27 21:45:35 by CrippleTony

I have two major up-coming projects that will probably be ready and finished around...let's say the summer just to be safe.

One project is hopefully gonna end up being a original sketch comedy series, it'll be a mix of animation and live-action sketches. Me and my co-creator, known here on Newgrounds as 4013, are working hard on the series and we hope it does well.

Speaking of which, 4013 and I are forming a production group called Nut Busters, I'm pretty sure no one here has the same production name, but if so, let me know.

The other project is a game parody and more or less an introduction of my skill at it's near best. It's coming along slow, but nicely and will be released first. Here's a preview picture, i'll my pic do the talking:

Projects on the way


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